Have you been arrested? If so, what do you do now?  This is an area that can be very frightening to many people and I can assist you in resolving your situation. You probably need an attorney and the one you hire can make all the difference in the outcome! I can assist in getting a bond set, arranging for a bondsman to contact you and your family so you can get out of jail, and appear for you in court. I have been certified to handle Class Y Felonies (the most serious class) by the State Public Defender System, and all classes of crimes below that level. I am licensed in the United States Supreme Court and have filed writs of certiorari on several cases to that court.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

My philosophy is set out this way: First, I attempt to beat the charges filed against you; Second, if unable to beat the charge, to keep you out of jail; Third, if unable to keep you out of jail, to attempt to get you the least amount of jail as possible. Along the way, I will keep you informed of what is going on in your case, so you understand your options. I will work diligently to ensure that your Constitutional Rights are protected.

The majority of all criminal cases that are filed in the court system are resolved by a “plea bargain”, i.e., the Prosecutor and the Defense reach an agreement as to how to dispose of the charge by a plea of guilty or nolo contender, with a jail term or suspended jail term and a fine, costs and possibly restitution. This will then be presented to the Judge, who must decide if he is willing to accept that agreement. Only a small number of cases do go to jury trial. You, the defendant, are the person who has to decide if you want to enter into a plea agreement or go to a jury trial. I can only offer advice as to what your options are. If the police have violated your rights, such as by an unlawful stop, an illegal search, I will file a motion to suppress that evidence; that is how your rights are protected for the purposes of appeal. Often times, the filing or the threat of filing such a motion can result in the State making a plea bargain offer that you may feel you cannot refuse.

You want an attorney who is respected by the prosecutors that he goes up against. One who is willing to take your case to a jury trial, and will stand up to tough judges in order to protect your rights. I am such an attorney. When I tell a Prosecutor I am willing to take a case to trial, they know that I mean it! It was an educational moment for me years ago when I saw a big name attorney threaten to take a case to a jury trial, and then heard the prosecutors who were present snicker, because they did not believe him! I have tried over 40 jury trials, from misdemeanors up to Capital Murder. I have had numerous cases where a day or so before the jury trial was to take place, in order to avoid taking a case I wanted to try to trial with a jury, the prosecutor dropped the charges or made an offer my client could not refuse.  That is a win for my client!

You also want an attorney who is known to have integrity, one the prosecutors and the judges can trust what he says. I am such an attorney.

Sometimes cases have to be appealed to the Appellate Courts. I have handled over 170 appeals and have assisted other attorneys in writing their appeals on both criminal and civil matters.  Judges know that I will appeal their rulings if I believe they are in error. I have gotten a number of judges decisions overturned when they made rulings that the higher courts ruled were not correct applications of the law. Two recent cases I have dealt with that were won on appeal (meaning I changed the law) dealt with when the police can enter into a residence, which resulted in the drugs and contraband being suppressed, and the case dismissed. I have sat as second chair in several cases, hired by the lead attorney, in order to let the judge know that we were prepared to appeal his rulings. Needless to say, the judge was very careful in how he ruled and often ruled in our favor and against the prosecutor on issues of law being argued to the judge.


If you have been arrested or believe that an arrest might be in the works, contact me. I handle all matters of criminal cases, including robbery, aggravated robbery, rape, sexual abuse, burglary, breaking and entering, battery, murder, criminal trespass, DWI/DUI, carrying a weapon, Possession of Methamphetamine or other controlled substances, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and other such charges, in both State and Federal Courts.



Are you over your head in debt? Are creditors calling you at home, work, on your cell phone, harassing you? Are you sick from worrying about what to do? Are you about to lose your home due to foreclosure?  Call me, I might be able to help you! Let me take charge and put a stop to these pests that are ruining your life!

I can help you avoid foreclosure and repossessions, prevent garnishments, prevent lawsuits, and stop annoying harassment by collection agencies. Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows individuals to eliminate most forms of unsecured debt, including personal loans, credit card debt and medical bills. Chapter 13 bankruptcy puts together a payment plan that can last from 3 to 5 years to pay back some, and sometimes all, of your debts, and is usually filed because the debtor wants to save his residence from foreclosure by a mortgage company, or because you earn too much money at your job. I have had some clients tell me that creditors informed them they could not file bankruptcy under the new bankruptcy code that became law in October, 2005.  Although recent changes in the bankruptcy code have made filing more difficult and more expensive, most people still qualify. Don’t believe a creditor!  If you are experiencing overwhelming financial difficulties, contact me at (479) 573-0299 for a FREE initial consultation to explore your options. The first consultation is free and after we meet I can tell you what my fee will be. This is based on how complicated your case appears to be.

The new bankruptcy code requires that all attorneys who practice bankruptcy say the following:

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code. The debt relief assistance that I provide may involve 11 USC 101et. seq., the Bankruptcy Code.


If you are not seeing the above language in a legal advertisement in the paper or on an attorney’s website, than that attorney is not following the law. Is that who you want handling your case?